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Information for group reservations

  • The hotel is also open to large groups of students, including sports competitions, event participation, and training camps.
    Enjoy a good night's sleep, a private, secure and comfortable stay in your hotel bedroom.
    Please feel free to contact us.

Recommended points for group reservations at Chino Sky View Hotel

  • No smoking allowed inside the building,Wi-Fi available!
    The hotel is completely non-smoking and equipped with Wi-Fi!
    The room type is basically left to the hotel.
    Usually, we will prepare a bed type room for 2 to 3 people per room.
    ※Please contact us for the availability of single rooms for adults.
  • Energy charge with a rich Japanese and Western breakfast buffet!
    Our hotel is popular. "Buffet Breakfast"
    Please go out with a rich variety of Japanese and Western buffets to fully charge your morning energy!
    (As a countermeasure against new coronavirus infection, we may provide it as a set for each person.)
  • Large communal bath! Semi-open-air bath, sauna, and cold bath!
    A large communal bath is available for both men and women.
    There is also an indoor bath, a semi-open-air bath, and a sauna.
    Please relax and heal your tired body.
  • Meeting rooms are available.
    We can also prepare a conference room for meetings and conferences.
    (As a countermeasure against new coronavirus infection, we request that up to 10 people use it.Thank you for your understanding.)
  • Equipped with a coin laundry! Please wash and enjoy your stay.
    The coin laundry corner is fully equipped with a washing machine and dryer.
    We also have drink vending machines, alcohol vending machines, light meal vending machines, and microwave ovens.
    Please feel free to use.
  • Free parking is available.Large buses are also OK!
    Up to 30 cars can be parked in the free parking lot in front of the hotel.
    Large buses can also be parked.
    It is located about 15 to 20 minutes on foot to Chino City

For inquiries, please call us. (Tel:0266-71-1010)